Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Shades? This May Help

You Need To Love Your Windows The Same Way You Love Your Best Friend

The term bae means before anyone else and hence it refers means the most significant thing in your life. This could be bodyfriend, child, wife, husband or girlfriend. On the other hand, bay means a window type that protrudes outwards from the central part of the building. You achieve a lot of space and light from the bay window. You will not necessarily love your bay window a lot more as compared to the others. But if you follow the guidelines given here it is possible that you will love the space more.

The first assignment you have to do for your bay window is establish the type of treatment that you will be using. We are referring to what you will hang round the bay window so that there is no darkness or cold coming in the night but you will have sun in the day and light in the night. Many people always think of curtains to as the treatment for their bay windows however this is not the only treatment that you can consider. The venetian blinds are a very good choice. However if you want to use the most modern bay window treatment then S.CRAFT plantation shutters should be your selection. This is a fashion that you will see in most homes which you can rely on for your bay window.

Seating is achieved as a major benefit if you have a bay window because a perfect nook is created to house it. You can choose from two options available. The seating that in-built is where you are able to use your windowsill because it is strong and large enough. The other option is where you use the bay space to put your favorite sofa chair. You can maximize on the space found on the bay window, because it provides good lighting for either your hobby work or reading.

We know the bay windows offers good l lighting however to achieve more from it, you find it is dressed with chandeliers and l lamps to maximize this effect. Made of cut glass and crystals the chandelier reflects the light in the day and in the evening time the recess is lit up and this becomes a very attractive characteristic.

Seating and storage can both be on the bay windows as most people have established. The market now has many units that can stand on their own and perfectly fit on the bay space. This job is being done with other older items that are being upcycled. What you are expected to do after this is to get cushions and put them on top and they will serve as seating space and storage and also serve as attraction on your bay window area.