Top fence trends

Fences are what every garden needs. Through time they adapted to new technology, so now there is a wide variety of fences to pick for you safety. With all the changes, the function is still the same, border marking of your property and protection against unwanted visits. When it comes to children and animals it prevents them for going outside, so the height also matters. We are going to cover some of the trends that are currently wanted on the market. Beside their protection ability, fences are a great decorative part of your home yard.

Depending on the environment, people choose from decorative or protective fences, to decorative and protective. Price is what makes the difference between these three choices. The best fence companies can adapt to any customer needs. With ordinary family homes, safety is in the first place, but when some family has a large, expensive house, they usually are able to afford something extra for their garden, so there can be seen some beautiful high fences on their property.

Gabion Wall

In the early days, fences were most likely made of metal string panels, that aren’t very interesting in design but were doing the job correctly. They are described as strong and durable, but also the price was affordable. This type of fence is usually a choice for big properties. Nowadays designers put in on the new level.

Gabion Wall was first established in the 19th century, but the past always had an influence on modern designers. It is made of metal string boxes filled with rock. The name means big cage and came from Italian word “gabbione”. There are many styles of gabion wall people can choose from. Bigger or smaller rocks, colored or grey, it depends on the customer needs. If you want to know more on how to create your own Gabion Wall, check this out.  Some people like to adjust gabion wall with other designs and combine it with wooden gates. It gives a fresh, interesting look at every property.

Steel fence

Every old house had a wooden fence that was made out of wooden sticks shoved into the ground. That was the cheapest and the easiest way to border your property. This is still used for project houses, that don’t have a big back or front yard.

Now, to stand out designers upgraded to simple steel spikes fence that looks like it is unfinished but gives a very strong appeal. Spikes are very high and black, with a slight bend, which looks way different from ordinary fences. If the customer doesn’t want too much attention they usually take a simpler look that resembles wooden fences that are used to be owned. This type is made of flat vertical steel plates. To make it more interesting, width is different for every plate, the height stays the same.

There are some people that like to combine tradition with modern art and make something interesting. At some places, we can see a combination of steel and wood. Every second plate is made of steel spikes. With different coloring, this gives a unique look to the property.

Green fence

Something that will always be modern is using plants for a fence. Big shrubbery wall provides what every other fence does plus it is more natural. The cost is affordable for everyone, it helps to cool the air and the green color is more appealing to the eye.

There is a wide variety of plants that are used to make a fence. The style is up to the designer, for high style, they use evergreen trees, and for something, more attractive designers can use ornamental plants. Before making a green fence, there should be a platform made for support while it grows.

There are so many plants that are beautiful but aren’t meant for fences. Modern designers have a solution for this. They made a vertical garden on the wall. Basically, pots are built-in on the wall with many types of flowers. This makes a boring grey wall into something beautiful and modern.

Some traditional combination of a wooden fence with flowers is still a trend and gives a colorful look at every property. It is made of wooden plates with cut out squares. The flowers, usually roses, are meant to grow through these squares. Today people like to replace the wooden material with steel or iron to make it stronger.