Three Ways To Ensure A Pond Is Healthy And Provides An Environment That Allows Fish To Thrive

A pond is a source of natural beauty and can turn any tract of land into an idyllic area that can be enjoyed year round. Many property owners become overwhelmed at the idea of maintaining a pond because if they are not properly tended to, they can become an eyesore and lead to the death of any fish or other life that may exist in the water. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent a pond from turning, and the following is a quick look at the three most common ways to ensure an outside body of water is a healthy habitat that allows fish and other organisms to thrive.

Plant Life

Plants not only add vibrancy to a pond, but they act as a source of food for fish and can help remove toxins and increase the oxygen levels in the water. Many first-time pond owners often overlook the importance of introducing a variety of water-based plant life. In addition to keeping the water healthier, it will also make maintaining the water simple and prevent the occurrence of sudden pH drops which can be nearly impossible to counteract.


One of the best ways to increase overall pond oxygen is to incorporate a fountain. Oxygen levels are healthy when they reach six milligrams per liter of water, and fish and other organisms will thrive in these conditions. A fountain helps by creating circulation which allows oxygen to be incorporated into the water and is an inexpensive addition that will help to increase the health of any size pond.

Filtration System

Property owners who are looking to eliminate issues with the clarity of the water in a pond should consider a filtration system. In addition to removing contaminants, it will also aid in the oxygenation process and promote the growth of good bacteria while limiting the production of those that are harmful. Though they do require weekly maintenance, it will simplify the process of keeping a pond clean.

Maintaining a pond can be time-consuming, but an investment in the right equipment can make it easier. Living Water Aeration offers a vast array of products that can help keep a pond healthy and beautiful and prevent the onset of chemical changes that can threaten the health and safety of any organisms that call it home.