A Variety of Scents Available for Cold Air Diffusion Machines

Delightful and soothing scents can be provided to large indoor areas with cold air diffusion machines. Devices like the Air Stream Single attach to the heating and cooling system and deliver fragrance through the vents. They also can be mounted on the wall instead. Customers can buy drums of oil of their favorite scents to use all year round, or they can choose seasonal fragrances. The effect can be charming in homes and in businesses. They do not have to run all the time, as many people prefer occasional scent instead of continuous effects.

Seasonal Fragrance

The late fall and early winter holiday season is generally the most focused on when it comes to fragrances. Many people enjoy scenting building interiors with the aroma of pine, for instance, especially since real Christmas trees are not nearly as common as they once were. Gingerbread and pumpkin pie are other lovely fragrances, and apple pie is always a favorite.

Some scents may bring to mind spring and summer, which is appealing during the short, cold days of winter. Floral fragrances like lavender, rose and lilac help people get through those months and look forward to sun and warmth.

Other Food-Related Aromas

Companies such as Aromatech provide a wide variety of additional scents that bring food to mind. Sweeter substances tend to be most popular. Customers love the aroma of birthday cake, chocolate and peppermint. Of course, the aroma of fresh bread is enticing.

Citrus aromas are also ordered frequently. Orange, lemon and even grapefruit are available.

Outdoorsy Scents

Freshly mowed grass and forest aromas are appealing to many individuals. Especially in a business environment that’s always sealed up with no open windows, workers and customers may appreciate having these natural fragrances. Urban offices and stores can benefit from the occasional wafting of those aromas.


Different aromas tend to have certain types of positive effects, so customers may want to do a little research on aromatherapy if the topic is unfamiliar. Peppermint, for instance, tends to be invigorating, while lavender is relaxing. Thus mint tends to be more suitable for a fitness center while lavender can be pleasant in a nursing home.