Dealing With A Toilet Backups In The Restaurant Industry

When someone owns a restaurant, there is a need to have usable restroom facilities for patrons at all times. Unfortunately, toilet backups can be an occurrence that happens every once in a while that will need to be dealt with accordingly. Here are some tips to use when a toilet in a restaurant backs up.

Keep Signs Available For Emergencies

When a toilet backs up, it is best that it is not used by anyone until a plumber can get to the establishment to do an assessment of the situation. It is not only unsanitary to continue using a backed up toilet, but it could cause further clogging to occur as well. Keep signs on hand to place on the doors of any stalls where toilets inside are not working properly. If all toilets in the establishment are having difficulties, it is best to close until after a plumber can take a look at the problem.

Try Plunging Or A Plumber’s Snake First

If the toilet appears clogged due to an abundance of toilet paper or waste, it may be remedied with help from a plunger or plumber’s snake. These tools are relatively easy to use and can fix the problem in some instances. Try plunging a toilet first to see if water flows downward after the tool is used. If not, an obstruction may be moved out of the way with help from a plumber’s snake. If neither of these work quickly, a call should be made to a professional.

Call A Plumber For Prompt Assistance

A plumber would come to the restaurant to check the toilets to determine the reason for water backing up. In many instances, a drain cleaning will be conducted to remove sludge from pipes, which will allow water to flow freely once again. A plumber will come prepared with drop cloths to keep floors from becoming saturated during the draining process.

If there is a need to hire a plumber to check a restaurant’s toilets, finding one that will service them quickly will be necessary. Calling a service that will tend to the problem as fast as possible will ensure the business is not halted as a result.