What Can Be Expected From a Skunk Removal Service?

Although skunks pose no real danger to humans or animals, their obnoxious scent sends individuals running. A person will never forget that odor once they smell it and being sprayed or having an animal sprayed can be difficult to deal with. This is why many property owners seek the professionals for a skunk removal service. With this information, homeowners will know what to expect, should a skunk begin to occupy their property.

Skunks Are Pests Homeowners Do Not Want to Deal With

A skunk can sometimes create a den near the foundation of a home. This can cause the skunks to spray, if the den is accidentally disturbed by a person or a pet. When a skunk sprays a home, the odor can be so strong, the homeowners have to move out for a period of time so the smell can dissipate. Some homeowners end up spending hundreds of dollars in cleaning services in an attempt to get rid of the smell.

It is important skunks are avoided if at all possible. If a person discovers a skunk, it is imperative they walk away as slowly as possible so they do not startle the skunk and cause it to unleash its potent sack of smell. Although the smell of a skunk is the biggest reason homeowners seek removal, these animals are pests in other ways as well:

  • Burrowing under structures
  • Digging up lawns
  • Destroying plants

How Are Skunks Removed?

Skunks need to be removed carefully, in an effort to try and avoid them spraying. Unfortunately, no skunk professional can offer a 100% guarantee the skunk will not spray because these animals can sometimes easily be startled.

Live trapping methods are used to safely and effectively remove the skunk, without causing harm to the skunks or the home. The skunks are then safely transported far from the home and let go so they will not return to the property.

After the skunks have been removed, barriers should be put in place around stoops, porches, and basements to ensure skunks do not find an inviting area to nest. If you are dealing with a skunk problem, call the professionals today.