Finding Whisper from a Homeless Pet with a Disease to a Leader at the Office

Sure, all cats are special in some way. But, Whisper is a little different. Whisper has come to be the defining veterinary cat with a great story. Whisper is friends with every animal that comes into the clinic, whether it’s a dog, a cat, or a hedgehog. Even if they are not interested in being her friend, she doesn’t care.

Finding Whisper

Her willingness to be loved by everyone (whether they like her or not) is not the defining aspect of her story. Whisper faced a dilemma that few have heard of but many cats suffer from. Whisper was first found at a shelter in Denver, CO. It is very likely that she never had any veterinary care before in her life, and it showed. From her straggled hair to her ill-colored skin, she had a number of issues. She had two ear infections and corneal scarring.

Gum Disease

The worst of these problems was a tooth and gum disease. Whisper had feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions that were eroding her teeth. The problem was hardly cosmetic, of course. The lesions tore the teeth out of the mouth. But, the teeth left behind partial roots that were embedded in her gums. These roots would eventually bring the infection “back” and into the jaw. The disease, if left unmanaged, would eventually kill Whisper.

What was done about the disease? Whisper was unfortunately left with only one main option, and it was the path taken by the local clinic. Whisper not only had to have her remaining teeth removed. She also had to have all her roots removed, resulting in a lengthy and complicated process.

It has remained possibly the most impressive Colorado shelter cat story. Whisper has no teeth and no roots to bring the infection back. She spent months in pain and refusing to eat. But, she actually thrives on dry food, shocking the local clinic. She loves the dry food, and she is a major presence in the office. It’s not right to give up on any animal. Even in the toughest challenges, something can be done. Whisper is proof that fighting through it can result in a leading business position.