Why Nick Bova Founded a Veterinary Compounding Company

Animals deserve appropriate care, but providing it sometimes proves more difficult than might be hoped. Veterinarians and other caregivers face many types of challenges as they seek to keep animals healthy and happy throughout their lives.

Some of the most significant of these concern the administration or efficacy of medications. Where a human being might understand that accepting the bitterness of a certain pill is a small price to pay for its benefits, animals lack this ability. A medication designed to be given to large animals might also benefit small ones, but not be available, by default, in a suitable dosage or format.

Registered pharmacist Nick Bova sought to address these issues and others when he founded an eponymous company some years back. The veterinary compounding services that the business provides benefit animals and their owners in many significant ways.

Compounding and Tailoring Medicines to Suit the Particular Needs of Animals

Compared to the effort and resources poured into developing and producing medication for humans, the scale of the analogous commitments on the veterinary side is significantly smaller. Resourcefulness often matters just as much as anything else when it comes to designing a treatment program that will benefit a particular animal the most.

This is especially true of medication. Whereas even a relatively rare disease that afflicts humans might become the target of a hoped-for pharmaceutical cure, those that are confined to animals are generally less likely to receive such attention.

Couple this with the fact that even getting animals to accept medications can be difficult, and making the most of what is available must always be a top priority. A compounding pharmacy that is able to adjust, combine, and process veterinary medications can easily open up life-saving new options.

Ensuring That Every Animal Receives the Treatment It Needs

Without access to such services, even well-intentioned, caring veterinarians would frequently be forced to admit defeat. By being able to call upon an expert to compound a medication to suit a particular animal patient, veterinarians end up being able to deliver better, more effective treatment. That ultimately benefits a great many animals every year, as well as the owners who care for, value, and depend upon them.